Power Cool

(1)Highly sunlight reflectance

By reflecting the sunlight of the neae infrared regions efficienty,"Power Cool" has an excellent thermal barrier performance.
"Power Cool" contribute to improving the efficiency of the energy of residential environments, by the effect of thermal barrier of coating surface.
By using the"Infrared reflecting pigment" and "micro balloons", the "thermal reflection effect" and "thermal reduction" are increasingly going up.

(2)The increasing of the temperature for coating surface.
The effectiveness of the reduction of the thermal storage.

When the"Incandescent 60W" was irradiated for 20 min,the surface temperature "up to 15 degrees Celsius" down to "9 degrees Celsius".

(3)strongly protect the waterproofing agent

Protection the waterproof layer of "Powertec waterproofing and coatings for protecting corrosion:Gray Coat and Gray Coat Plus".

"Power Cool" has a special acrylic emulsion formulated with high water resistance,so dirt will be less.


Items Content
Viscosity(25℃) 3.500±1.500[mPa.s]
Specific gravity 1.1~1.2
Solod content 45~80%
pH(25℃) 7.5~9.0

Environmentally friendly water-baced emulsion, using eco-friendly infrared reflective pigments.
Since it is an aqueous made,there is no concern for fire.


Test items Test condition Test results
Water resistance Immersed in water for 7 days No damage to the films
Alkali resistance Immersed in a aturated aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide for 7 days No damage to the films
Low-temperature stability From 5 degrees to the normal temperature, repeat the test(3 cycles) No damage to the films
Drying time 23℃ Within 2 hours
  • 保護コート剤パワーテック
  • 防水・防錆・保護コート剤
  • パワーテックプロ
  • 壁面専用保護コート剤
  • 遮熱コート材パワークール
  • スベリ止めコート材
  • グレーコート
  • グレーコートプラス
  • カチオンアンダーコート
  • グリーンコート