Q1: About deck roof waterproofing
Q2: We have set the "Waterproof sheet," but, it feels like being wetWe want to waterproof it from the above. In addition, we want to repair the parts that are swollen filled with the air.
Q3: What should we do to apply the "Powertec" to the "Wave slate roof" ?
Q4: There are some cracks on the concrete floor surfaces. In such cases, What is the best construction process?
Q5: We want to avoid having the moss on concrete floors and block walls
Q6: Can we paint the "Power Tech" on the metal siding which are used on exterior walls ?
Q7: Can we apply "Powertec" to any materials ?
Q8: I have painted the iron railing for coatings 7-8 years before, but nowadays when I touch it by hand, full of white powders adheres to my hand, so I want to paint the part for coating once again.
Q9: We would like to protect rust of the iron fences and sheds, we also would like to avoid having the powder painting stick to our hands.
Q10: We want to make the water resistance of the bricks for the garden without changing their textures .
Q1: I want to use "Gray Coat" to waterproof a flat roof. Do I have to use three kinds of "Gray Coat"?
Q2: I want to use "Gray Coat" to rust-proof steel. How would you recommend going about this?
Q3: Is it available for the "Gray Coat" to apply to "Plywoods"?
Q4: Even if there is wet or damp on the coated surface, can we apply the "Gray Coat" for it?
Q5: Is it all right to apply the "Gray Coat" while it is raining?
  • 保護コート剤パワーテック
  • 防水・防錆・保護コート剤
  • パワーテックプロ
  • 壁面専用保護コート剤
  • 遮熱コート材パワークール
  • スベリ止めコート材
  • グレーコート
  • グレーコートプラス
  • カチオンアンダーコート
  • グリーンコート